Iowa State Park Centennial

From paintings and stickers to snowy hikes and big celebrations, individuals and organizations all over Iowa are celebrating 100 years of Iowa State Parks in creative and exciting ways.

Below, we've spotlighted some of our favorites. (But if you think we missed something, please let us know!)



Your State Park Travels

The Iowa State Park Passport is your ticket to celebrate the 100th anniversary of our state park system, earn prizes and enjoy the outdoors. Make it a family-friendly challenge to visit parks across the state and track your progress with this personalized passport.

Image by Chad Madden


Someplace Special

There are 92 State Parks in Iowa. Locate the one closest to you—or discover one you've never been to—by browsing the Iowa DNR's full listing online.



Your Way Around

Blending his interests in design, fitness, and the outdoors, Matthew Scott sells bandanas inspired by Iowa State Parks and the most popular trails that run through them.



Iowa State Park Prints

Shop this original collection of one-of-a-kind prints showcasing the beauty of Iowa parks. Available in a variety of sizes from Bozz Prints designer John Bosley. 


Stick Up

for Iowa Parks

Central Iowa Artist Naomi Friend has designed a series of State Park stickers. A portion of all sales is donated to support the mission of Iowa parks and wild lands.

Image by freestocks


in a Winter Wonderland

To kick off the 100th anniversary of Iowa State Parks, First Day Hikes were held on January 1, 2020, at state parks across Iowa. Did you start the year with a chilly hike?

"Midsummer" by Anna Segner


Park-Inspired Art

20 Artists found inspiration in 20 Iowa State Parks. Exhibitions featuring paintings, sculptures, textiles, and other art forms will tour the state throughout 2020-2021.

Pictured above: "Midsummer" by Anna Segner

Image by Yan Ots


the Centennial

The year 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the Iowa State Parks system. To keep up with the latest news, check out the Iowa DNR's official Parks 2020 page.