Anna Rea is cruising to a community near you!

Before heading to each park, Anna Rea and crew will stop in a nearby town to allow for others to meet up and cruise to the park together. Check out each route's details to see when Anna Rea will be in your area.

When possible, we are willing to adjust our Meetup and Park arrival times if your community wants to host an event or "meet and greet" with Anna Rea the Model A and crew. 


We aim to avoid any conflicts with other centennial events in state parks, but would enjoy collaborating on any events that the tour can potentially complement. 


If your park, town, or organization has an existing event going on or would like to plan activities around Anna Rea's arrival, we'd love to chat about collaborating on publicity and logistics. Please fill out our contact form or call Kevin at 515-240-7668.