Kevin Szcodronski

Kevin Szcodronski is Anna Rea’s owner and lives in Ankeny with his wife Holly. Kevin had a 35-year career with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. where he was fortunate to have many diverse responsibilities over the years, including the Chief of State Parks for 10 years. As Chief of State Parks, one of his top priorities was preparing state parks for their upcoming centennial in 2020. While he retired in 2013, his interest in state parks and the centennial has not waned. 

As a private citizen, Kevin organized a four-person Iowa State Parks Centennial Citizens Committee. This committee has undertaken two major projects to commemorate the centennial; (1) leadership in publishing a 288-page book featuring all the state parks and preserves in Iowa, and (2) the organization of a State Parks Centennial Vintage Auto Tour.

Kevin grew up on a small farm in Michigan and became somewhat mechanically inclined while helping to keep old farm equipment operating. It is this interest and knowledge that led him to repairing antique and modern clocks as a hobby that turned into a second business for the past 25 years. He has always been intrigued when seeing old classic cars traveling along roads or in parades. However, he never owned nor drove a classic car until Anna Rea came into his life in 2018. Kevin pledged to her previous owner that he will take excellent care of Anna Rea and keep her in the most original condition as possible.

Not too long after purchasing Anna Rea, Kevin came up with the idea of driving her to all state parks in Iowa during the centennial in 2020. He liked the concept of “this old retired director of state parks driving his old 1930 Model A to all the state parks in Iowa to celebrate the centennial.” Kevin once heard fellow committee member Ann Raisch say they she always wanted to visit all the state parks in Iowa. It, therefore, took little effort to convince Ann to join him on this tour. While traveling all over Iowa at 35 mph, Ann and Kevin have two overriding goals: (1) help Iowans reflect on the value of state parks to our quality of life, and (2) have fun! AHHHOOOGA!!!

Meet the Car & Crew

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the Model A